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lithium polymer battery

lithium polymer battery

Business Information

  • Certificate : UL,UL
  • Made In : China(CN)

Product Features

Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Rated capacity: 3600mAh
Cycle life: e 500 times
Charging voltage: 4.2V
Maximum charging current: 1C mA
Maximum discharging current: 15C-20C mA
Discharging end voltage: 2.75V
Charging temperature: 0 to 45 degrees Celsius
Discharging temperature: -20 to 60 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature: -20 to 45 degrees Celsius
Thickness could be adjusted while width and height keep the same
Applications: Bluetooth, Mobile Phones, PDA/ Notebook, Aircraft, Electric Toys, Electric Car, Power Tools, Wireless communications, and other Portable Electronic Devices.

Product Specifications

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