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PWM Dc motor controller/ motor parts/brush motor driver

PWM Dc motor controller/ motor parts/brush motor driver

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 5
  • Certificate : CE,CE
  • FOB Port : qingdao
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : carton
  • Delivery Time : 5

Product Features

The DC 12/24V /36V/48DP XXBL series product is the adoption appropriation mold piece,

make control and the power supply be complete insulate and avoided the interference of control system when low-voltage highcurrent operating.

Has an excellent linear ratio, relatively wide voltage input range,

outstanding performance and speed ratio, a stable, reliable quality, to be broad-based applications.

The series of products applicable to battery powered or DC power of field operations and low-voltage control of occasions. The product has been used in military, robotics, low-voltage safety equipment, teaching and research equipment, and other fields.


1. The input voltage: DC 48V(operating space36V-72V

2. The output voltage: DC 0-48V

3. Rated output current: DC 50A 70A 80A

4. Given signal4~20mA0~5V0~10V

5. Speed regulation ratio 1:80

6. Ambient Temperature: --20~+65

7. Ambient Humidity: Relative Humidity?80RH.Below dew point

8. Applicable to permanent-magnet, separate excitation DC motor

9. Dual closed loop PI adjustment (Current/Voltage closed loop)

10. SMT technology is adopted. Lightness and small in size

11. Current setting and current limiting protection

12. Soft starting/stopping time setting function

13. Quick stopping function

14. Large torque for low-speed start-up.

15. Can realize RPL

16. Short circuit function

Product Specifications

1. The mechanical characteristics of hardness, static error rate of 1%.
2. A wide speed-regulating range (0 - max).
3. A rapid dynamic response process.
4. Automatic and smooth transition process during acceleration or deceleration.
5. Better excavator characteristics, can limit overload current to set value current.
6. High reliability and compact structure, high performance-price ratio

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