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Special hydraulic press SMC composite hot pressing

Special hydraulic press SMC composite hot pressing

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Special hydraulic press SMC composite hot pressing, HRR Series Hydraulic host machine and the use of four-column and frame of body structure, to ensure that between the ram and the table (that is, top mould and bottom mould) in parallel with high accuracy and vertical accuracy of the process of repression; the ram approach with high speed, effectively prevent the molding material into the mold after the phenomenon of pre-curing at the same time return to open mode with micro-features, so that after forming molded products was torn off and die slowly to prevent tearing strain products; work provisions of the pressure in the range of parameters can be adjusted with the pre-press process control to improve the material flow in the mold speed, shorten the time pressure.
Aircraft hydraulic control system uses advanced Cartridge Valves integrated system, long life, simple structure, compact, reliable sensitive action, convenient maintenance, high level of generalization; electrical control system adopts PLC automatic control; hydraulic full coordination with reliable control, convenient operation, high efficiency, flexible, and greatly enhanced the production line is automated.
The machine is mainly applied to SMC, BMC, DMC, GMT, LFT-D, such as plastics (FRP) molding process to suppress the products as well as aerospace, rail transportation, marine, automotive, construction, petrochemical, energy, electronics, sports and other industries FRP products manufactured in key equipment.
Optional accessories: screen protection device or protect rod.
China Tianneng Machinery Co.,Ltd, with workshop area of more than 30,000sqm, over 120 workers including 15% technicians and experts, main products: hydraulic press China, hot press China, Super Plastic Forming China, Four-column/Single-column hydraulic press, frame type hydraulic press etc .
China Tianneng Machinery Co.,Ltd has formed a integral structure with Four-column hydraulic press, frame type hydraulic press, Single-column

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