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GMKP Low Voltage Tube Capacitors

GMKP Low Voltage Tube Capacitors

Business Information

  • Certificate : CE,CCC,CCC
  • Made In : unknown

Product Features

FRANKE GMKP cylindrical capacitor is the new design of impregnation filled / mixed with special protective gas, low loss metallized polypropylene film and self-healing , the capacitor built in an aluminum cylindrical can and fitted with a mounting stud.
The GMKP capacitors are AC series 1 to 30Kvar intended to increase packing density per capacitor bank and cut component cost.Improved thermal response and simplified installation are advantage of the cylindrical aluminum case.
1.Environmentally friendly
2.Dry technology&Excellent self –healing
3.Extended useful life of 100,000.00 operation hours
4.Overpressure-disconnector & Overcurrent -disconnector System
5.High inrush current ability of up to 200 times rated current

Product Specifications

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