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Sell carbide turning inserts-www,xinruico,com

Sell carbide turning inserts-www,xinruico,com

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 10pcs
  • Certificate : ,,,,CCC,CCC
  • FOB Port : Chinese main port
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : in plastix box, 10pcs/box
  • Supply Capability : 500000pcs/month
  • Delivery Time : in about 7days

Product Features

We are professional manufacturer of carbide turning inserts.
CCMT060204, CCMT09T302, CCMT09T304, CCMT09T308, CCMT120408.
CNMA120404, CNMA120408, CNMA120412, CNMA160608, CNMA160612, CNMA190612, CNMA190616.
CNMG090308, CNMG120404, CNMG120408, CNMG120412, CNMG120416, CNMG160608, CNMG160612, CNMG160616, CNMG190608, CNMG190612, CNMG190616, CNMG190624.
CNMM120404, CNMM120408, CNMM120412, CNMM120416, CNMM160612, CNMM160616, CNMM190608, CNMM190612, CNMM190616, CNMM190624, CNMM250724, CNMM250732, CNMM250924.
DCMT070208, DCMT11T302, DCMT11T304, DCMT11T308, DCMT11T312.
DNMA150404, DNMA150604, DNMA150608, DNMA150612, DNMA150616.
DNMG110408, DNMG150408, DNMG150412, DNMG150416, DNMG150608, DNMG150612, DNMG150616, DNMG190608, DNMG190612.
DNMM150608, DNMM150612, DNMM150616.
KNUX160405L12, KNUX160405R11, KNUX160405R12, KNUX160410L11, KNUX160410L12.
SCMT09T302, SCMT09T304, SCMT09T308, SCMT09T312, SCMT120404, SCMT120408.
SNMA120408, SNMA120416, SNMA150608, SNMA150612, SNMA190612, SNMA190616, SNMA150608, SNMA190612, SNMA190616.
SNMG090308, SNMG090312, SNMG120404, SNMG120408, SNMG120412, SNMG120416, SNMG150608, SNMG150612, SNMG150616, SNMG190612, SNMG190616, SNMG190624, SNMG250724, SNMG250924.
SNMM120408, SNMM120412, SNMM120416, SNMM150608, SNMM150612, SNMM150616, SNMM190608, SNMM190612, SNMM190616, SNMM250724, SNMM250924, SNMM250932.
TCMT110204, TCMT110208, TCMT16T304, TCMT16T308, TCMT16T312, TCMT220408.
TNMA160404, TNMA160408, TNMA160412, TNMA160416, TNMA220404, TNMA220408.
TNMG160404, TNMG160408, TNMG160412, TNMG220404, TNMG220408, TNMG220412, TNMG220416, TNMG270616.
TNMM160404, TNMM160408, TNMM160412, TNMM220408, TNMM220412, TNMM220416.
VNMG160404, VNMG160408, VNMG160412.
WNMA060408, WNMA06T308, WNMA080404, WNMA080408, WNMA080412.
WNMG060404, WNMG060408, WNMG060412, WNMG06T304, WNMG06T308, WNMG06T312, WNMG080404, WNMG080408, WNMG080412.


 We are professional manufacturer of carbide turning inserts.

1. Various grade and size is available.

2. High quality with competitive price. 

3. Small orders are welcome.

Carbide turning inserts:


Product Specifications

cemented carbide

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