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Ningbo Karshall Industry Limited
  • Target Markets: worldwide
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Wholesaler,Exporter
  • Established date: 2007

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Carbon Disposable Particulate Respirator

Carbon Disposable Particulate Respirator

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  • FOB Port : Ningbo Port
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : color box

Product Features

Carbon Disposable Particulate Respirator - FH005

Material: PP nonwoven active carbon
Weight: 11g

Description for Carbon Disposable Particulate Respirator:
This carbon disposable particulate respirator is a disposable air-purifying respirator, which forces contaminated air through a filtering element, it adds active carbon inside to absorb nuisance organic acid vapors. when people wear it, they can breathe fewer and less dangerous particulates from the atmosphere.
The shape is cone, easy to wear, people can breathe fully and freely. It has a filter effciency level of 80%(FFP1),94(FFP2), or greater against particulate aerosols.

Latex-free elastic straps
Adjustable aluminum nose clip for comforatable fit
High filter efficiency and low breath resistance
High efficient active carbon cloth absorbs nuisance organic acid vapors.

This cone type disposable particulate respirator can be used in painting, mining, industry, pharmacy, and welding foundry.

Product Specifications

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