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bamboo skewer2.5mmx20cm

bamboo skewer2.5mmx20cm

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Baoning Bamboo Wood skewer of production plants bamboo products: bamboo machine skewer, bamboo circular skewer, bamboo rod, wood skewer,etc. bamboo hot words. Specification is complete, species diversity. Diameter from 1mm --- 1cm, the length from the 6cm ---- 100cm.. The growth of more than 5 years is used bamboo sticks by the pumping process, maintaining a string of bamboo's inherent toughness and smooth body. Products can be branded in the word, such as enterprise LOGO, manufacturer's name and so on. The product was exported to Japan in 2003 to own, we have the ability to food manufacturers, importers and exporters to provide comprehensive specifications, safe, high-quality bamboo string. Friends who are interested, please call contact。Packaging:1000pcsx10bag。

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