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micro flame welder with gas output up to 600 liter/hour

micro flame welder with gas output up to 600 liter/hour

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Five different models of micro flame welder are available with gas output ranging from 100 liter/hour to 600 liter/hour. All of them have passed CE safety and quality standards tested by SGS. The larger machines have the facility for multi operator use.

All micro flame welders are portable and self contained, there are no gas bottles required in their operation, neither is gas stored in the machine thus making it safe to use. Using electrolysis of water gas is produced only when required.So micro flame welders have been acknowledged as an extremely safe,reliable and cost effective way of producing a high temperature flame up to 3000 degree centigrade.

Special features of micro flame welder:
- low running cost: only need water and electricity
- auto pressure control device linked into an electrical circuit breaker, such that, in the unlikely event of an overpressure condition arising the machine switches off automatically ; Once in the low pressure condition arising the machine switches on automatically.
- current adjusting valve adjusts current of electrolytic cells and gas production rate
- water lacking alarm: once waterline of the sight gauge reaches lowest waterline, water lacking alarm will alarm to inform the operator to add additional water into the electrolytic cells.
- flashback arrestor : outside machine there are two flashback arrestors.One big is connected hoses, and the other small is fitted inside of flame torch

Micro flame welder is suitable for various different applications that include:
- melting,welding or mending gold,silver,platinum jewelry
- welding metal wires,especially enameled(lacquered)copper wires, thermocouple manufacturing
- connecting terminals,spot welding
- sealing small glass or quartz tubes
- polishing acrylic or perspex sheets or signs
- lost wax investment casting
- carbon cleaning for car's engine

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