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Wild Horse International Company Ltd
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  • Established date: 2005

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  • Min. Order : 1Set
  • FOB Port : Shanghai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Export Standard Wooden Case
  • Delivery Time : 30-40Days

Product Features

This machine is designed for pressing tablets form various kinds of granular materials. As its feature, the machine can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets, double-layered and annular tablets. The tablets may have the impressed letters on both sides.
The turret carries 21 sets of movable punches and dies. So 21 tablets will be pressed for each revolution of the turret. During operation, the speed of the turret rotation, the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted. The pressure for tablet pressing is set by the hydraulic drive system .A pressure gauge is attached to the system to show the pressure value. An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of the punches and apparatus. When overload occurs, the machine stops automatically.
An independent power-suiting unit is attached to the machine. It takes in the residual powder through its nozzles and hoses during operation so that the blockage by clustered powder is eliminated and the collected powder materials can be reused.
The speed for ZPW21 is adjusted by frequency conversion.

Product Specifications

Technical parameter:
Dies 21 sets
Max. Pressure 80KN
Max. Dia. of Tablet 20mm (length 16mm)
Max. Depth of Fill 18mm
Max. Thickness of Tablet 9mm
Turret Speed 5-36r/min
Production Capacity 15000-45000pc/h
Motor 40KW 1400r/min 380/50v/hz
Overall Size (L*W*H) 900*840*1640mm
Net Weight 1200kg

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