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Beijing JMX Development Machinery Co., Ltd.
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  • Business Type: Exporter,Manufacturer
  • Established date: 2008

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Turbochargers GT2049 for Perkins

Turbochargers GT2049 for Perkins

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1 piece
  • Certificate : ,ISO9001:2008
  • FOB Port : As required
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 1 piece per carton
  • Supply Capability : 2000 Pcs Per Week
  • Delivery Time : 2-10 work days

Product Features

Turbochargers GT2049 for Perkins

Application Engine: Perkins 1103A
Turbo Model: GT2049
Model Number: 754111-0008
OEM No.: 2674A422
Place of Origin: Beijing, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Jiamparts
Gro.w(kg): 8
Packing(cm): 21*23*26
Packaging Details: Jiamparts packing or Customer parking
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

Phone No.:86-18710055034 is on line anytimes or send to for new list available. We are continually expanding many new turbo every month, more turbochargers are currently in development

Product Specifications

Beijing JMX Development Machinery Co. ,Ltd can also provide turbochargers:
Engine Model Turbo Model Part No. OEM No.
Perkins 210TI TBP4 452024-0001 2674A128
Perkins TBP4 452024-0002 2674A129
Perkins TBP419 452089-0003 T2674A059
Perkins 1104A GT25 738233-0002 2674A404
Perkins GT2556 711736-0026 2674A226
Perkins GT2556S 711736-0025 2674A225
Perkins T4.40 GT2556S 711736-0001 2674A200
Perkins T4.40 GT2556S 711736-0003 2674A202
Perkins T4.40 GT2052 452222-0004 2674A098
Perkins T4.40 GT2052 727262-0004 2674A354
Perkins 1004-4 TA3123 466674-0003 2674A147
Perkins 1004-4 TA3123 466674-0005 2674A076
Perkins TBP412 452071-0006 2674A082
Perkins TBP439 702422-0001 2674A028
Perkins TBP439 702422-5004 2674A082
Perkins TO4B28 409860-0003 2674361
Perkins 1004-4THR3 TB2565 452073-0004 2674A056
Perkins T3-152 87hp S2A 311511 2674A152
Perkins 1103A 75hp GT2049S 754111-0007 2674A421
Perkins 1103A GT2049 754111-0008 2674A422
Perkins 1103A 75hp GT2049S 754111-0009 2674A423
Perkins T4.40 4L 97hp GT2052 452264-0001 2674A381
Perkins 1004-4T T4.40 GT2052 452264-0002 2674A324
Perkins T4.40 4L 97hp GT2052 727265-0001 2674A323
Perkins T4.40 4L 80hp GT2052 727265-0002 2674A382
Perkins 1004.4 GT2052 452271-0002 2674A322
Perkins 1004.4 GT2052 727263-0001 2674A321
Perkins 1004.4 GT2052 452271-0001 2674A361
Perkins 1004.4 GT2052 727263-0002 2674A362
Perkins T4.40 4L 96hp GT2052 727264-0001 2674A371
Perkins T4.40 4L 96hp GT2052S 452191-0001 2674A093
Perkins T4.40 4L GT2052 727264-0003 2674A373
Perkins T4.40 4L GT2052S 452191-0003 2674A095
Perkins T4.40/JCB 3CX T4.40 GT2052S 452301-0003 2674A328
Perkins T4.40/JCB 3CX T4.40 GT2052 727266-0003 2674A393
Perkins T4.40 4L GT2052 727266-0001 2674A391
Perkins T4.40 97hp GT2052S 452191-0005 2674A308
Perkins T4.40 GT2052 727264-0005 2674A375
Perkins 1104A-44T 4L 115hp GT2556 754127-0001 2674A431
Perkins T4.40 TA3120 466854-0001 2674394
Perkins CA4.263 TA3107 465778-0016 2674A396
Perkins T4.40 TB2558 452065-0002 2674A149
Perkins T4.40 TB2558 452065-0003 2674A150
Perkins T6.354.4 TO4B58 465960-0006 2674363
Perkins T6.354.4 6L 5800CC TO4B58 465960-0003 2674358
Perkins VISTA 6 6L 177cv GT3571S 709942-0002 2674A343
Perkins VISTA 6 6L 177cv GT3571S 709942-0005 2674A346
Perkins 1006.6THR3 TO4E35 452077-0004 2674A080
Perkins T4.236 4L 3860CC TA0315 466778-0001 2674A102
Perkins T4.236 4L 3860CC TA0315 466778-0004 2674A108
"Perkins 135TI
" GT2052 727262-0001 2674A351
"Perkins 135TI
" GT2052 452222-0001 2674A089
Perkins 3054-D-T TO4E35 452077-0001 2674A148
Perkins 1006.6THR3 TO4E35 452077-0003 2674A071
Perkins T4.40AA GT2052 727262-0008 2674A358
Perkins T4.40AA GT2052 452222-0008 2674A339
Perkins 1006.6T S2B 312209 2674A154
Perkins GT2556S 721261-0010 2674A211
Perkins H2C 3535271
Perkins T4.40 4L GT2052 452222-0006 2674A313
Perkins T4.40 4L GT2052 727262-0006 2674A356
Perkins T4.40 109hp GT2052S 452191-0002 2674A318
Perkins T4.40 97hp GT2052 727264-0002 2674A372
Perkins 1004-4T JCB/1004-4TLR/T440 JCB S2A 312172 2674A160
Perkins 1004-4T JCB/1004-4TLR/T440 JCB S2A 311063 2674A153
Perkins T4.40 4000cc GT2052S 452301-0001 2674A326
Perkins T4.40 4000cc GT2052S 452301-0002 2674A327
Perkins T4.40 4000cc GT2052S 727266-0002 2674A392

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