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UHF Four Channels  Professional Vocal Performance Wireless  microphone

UHF Four Channels Professional Vocal Performance Wireless microphone

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  • UHF Four Channels  Professional Vocal Performance Wireless  microphone

Product Features

Product features:
1. Three marshalling frequency are built-in, one button to adjust. One same frequency range available three receivers use in the same time.
2. Infrared ray synchronization function, one button to connect and lock frequency automatically.
3. Volume of four channels is independent to adjust. Provide 4+1 audio output, each audio volume is independently output.
4. Provide multiple transmitters to choose, conference, handheld and collar microphones can be mixed to use.
5.Backlit LCD display show working station of RF, AF, frequency and channels.
6. Adopt same working frequency for four channels, transmitters can interchange at any time, this greatly enhance operation flexibility.
7.Adopt newest UHF wireless audio transmit chip module IC which has excellent RF and AF performance, provide professional sound experience to customers. Squelch control and digital pilot technology, when transmitter turn off, pilot control will make AF signal to be mute to avoid noise, receiver’s channels also will be mute, this effectively cut off interference signal.

Each channel and frequency range:
Our products provide 500MHZ~900MHZ

Factory default frequency range: 734.950MHz--794.650MHz
CHANNAL A: 0-50 FREQUENCY: 734.950MHZ-749.650MHz
CHANNAL B: 51-100 FREQUENCY: 749.950MHZ-764.650MHz
CHANNAL C: 101-150 FREQUENCY: 764.950MHZ-779.650MHz
CHANNAL D: 151-200 FREQUENCY: 779.950MHZ-794.650MHz

System specifications:

Frequency range: 734~795 MHz
Modulation mode: FM
Frequency interval: 50MHz
Channels: 200
Channel interval: 300 KHz
Frequency stability: ±0.005%
Dynamic range: 100dB
Frequency response: 80Hz-18KHz (±3dB)
SNR: >105 dB
Distortion: ?0.5%
Working temperature: -10℃ -+40 ℃

Receiver specifications:

Pattern: super heterodyne twice frequency conversion
IF-FRE: First :110MHz, second: 10.7MHz
Wireless interface :BNC/50Ω
Sensitivity :12dBμV(80DbS/N)
Sensitivity range:12-32 dBμV
Stray rejection:>75dB
Max output level :+10dBV
Working power: 12V 1000mA


Product Specifications

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