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KD9900 EMS & Electroporation Beauty Device

KD9900 EMS & Electroporation Beauty Device

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KD9900 EMS & Electroporation Beauty Device
Product Description
Wrinkle firming, skin flat pouch, white skin, firming lifting, whitening to yellow
Ingredients: metal, ABS
Instructions for use:
1. Clean the face;
2. Apply early operation on the part of the essence;
3. Boot adjusted to the appropriate strength and IPL mode;
4. On the local skin move to and fro circle, do not let the instrument remain at the same site, the use of four superconducting sheet should contact the skin, in the eyes, the eyes closed or operating around the need to wear a visor, if the essence of the operation need to re-add the liquid dries;
5. On the face of each time is 10 minutes, the skin-like pulling movement, the process of moving the skin a slight fever, used in conjunction with the cosmetic liquid;
6. After the operation does not require cleaning Essence, such as gels, oils, creams and other products with after use to clean the residual product;
7. After the operation is completed instrument to rub cream on his or apply a mask;
8. After the completion of the application instrument tissue or dry cloth to clean quickly and housed good, to prevent the growth of bacteria;

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