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  • Target Markets: Mainly aiming at the agriculture, forestry, fishing, herding, the horticulture, environment beautifying and individual designing case, our company regarded the fog system construction business as our management core before 2003. Since 2004 our highest target and business core is aimed at the export trade of the artificial fog DIY system,high tech product in patents of USA.
1/3HP Mist Fog Machine

1/3HP Mist Fog Machine

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 10sets
  • Certificate : CE,PSI
  • FOB Port : Kaohsiung
  • Made In : Taiwan(TW)
  • Packaging : carton

Product Features

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Timer, Stop-water valve, Sluicing valve, Filter, Sluicing out the air, Protect cover.

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Reduce Energy & Reduce CO2 emissions & Reduce
Work pressure: 70kgs
The Artificial Fog system is unique easily turns the indoor & outdoor environment into a breezy cool place.

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*Humidifying the environment
*Deodorizing and beautifying the environment
*Reducing the surrounding temperature
*Driving out the mosquito
*Avoiding static electricity and haze

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Product Accessories:
*Timer: The timer control machine to spray and stop.
*Stop-water valve: Automatically stop the input water.
*Sluicing valve: When the machine turns off, it will automatically sluice out the excess water in the pipe to avoid the nozzle leaking. (The excess water drain by drainpipe)
*Filter: Filter the input water to avoid the nozzle easy to jam.
*Protect cover: Make Aluminum alloy.
*Water cooler equipment: Avoid the motor working too hot.

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*The total pipe can long as long 200M, and the components inside pump is made in Germany.
*The life time of this machine is about 8~10 years which in normal used.

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Product Specifications

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