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KONYO Color Test Equipment Company
  • Target Markets: Global
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established date: 2005
Gravure printing ink proofer

Gravure printing ink proofer

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  • Made In : unknown
  • Gravure printing ink proofer

Product Features

We mainly produce printing detection equipment: Spot Color Proofing, Printability tester, offset printing proofing tester, gravure proofing tester, printing ink mixer, printing ink syringe, the United States spectrophotometer, ink knife. UV coating machine. Apply to offset printing, gravure printing, offset printing ink Manufacturer, gravure ink Manufacturer, printing of the education. Printability tester Characteristics: 1, Spot color proofing.
2. Check for Four-color printing ink 3. Detection ink: Color Change Cause by Wetness and dry humidity, thickness, glossiness, hue saturation,
4. Cooperate with the United States spectrophotometer instrument USES, can know accurate the volume of ink.
5. Cooperate with spectrophotometry instrument, the test data into the computer storage.
6. Printing pressure
0-2mm, Automatic uniform ink,
Computer program control operation,Skype:jmkonyo.jmkonyo@hotmail.com

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