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Bronze  Series

Bronze Series

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  • Bronze  Series
  • Bronze  Series
  • Bronze  Series

Product Features

Copper Nicke(CuNi10) Particularly suitable for the joining and overlay welding of copper nickel
RBCuZn-D It's suitable for surface corrosion resistance for cast steel,cast Iron,copper-alloy and nickel-alloy,as well as the joining welding of cast iron.
CuZn40Ni Most popular for padding material of Gas-welding and ARC welding in brass. Can also used in gas welding of copper, steel cpper-nickel,cast tion and cemented carbide alloy tools incrustation.
Aluminum Bronze (High Mn ) Best for the overlay welding of iron-casting and non-alloy steel that especially need corrosion resistance. Also good for overlay welding of cast Iron and Non-alloy low alloy steel that requires corrosion resistance.
Aluminum Bronze (High Ni) Particularly suitable for welding casting and forging products of Cu-Al-Ni material such as propellers, bearing weights,valves,pumps and pipe systems. Very good corrosion resistance to seawater.
Aluminum (Ni) Bronze Recommended for the joining and overlaying of copper-aluminum alloys,aluminum coated steel in machinery and chemical industry as well as for Iron welding in shipbuilding.Also excellent for the join welding of brass tube and copper-aluminum that requires resisitance to erosion.
AWS A5.7 ERCuAl-A3 Particularly suitable for the joining and overlay welding of copper-aluminum alloys,sluminum coated steel,and cast Iron.

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