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No copper coated welding wire

No copper coated welding wire

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  • No copper coated welding wire
  • No copper coated welding wire

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Copper-free welding wire( no copper coated) , a NEW products .
Copper-free welding wire adopts the texturing derusting drawing technology, i.e. nick drawing technology and is added with special active nanotechnological surfactant which makes the wire surface free of copper. Besides, acid pickling, alkaline cleaning and copperizing are no longer needed to ensure the production and welding process is free from pollution.

With numerous tests, the copper-free welding wire we produced can offer the following unique advantages:

1.Very stable arc:
The average droplet short-circuit time of the coppered welding wire can stand the rapid change in the wire extension during welding.
2.Fewer spatter particles:
There is small droplet at the front end of the welding wire and fewer spatters, so the spatter quantity can be controlled even during high current welding.
3.Superior wire-feeding property:
The welding gun does not vibrate nearly and is free from copper scale, so it can maintain the stable wire-feeding for long time.
4.Good arc restriking:
When the arc is cut, there is no large spherical droplet at the front end of the welding wire. It is easy to restrike an arc due to the small diameter of droplet.
5.Good arti-rust property at the surface of welding wire:
Due to the development of the new treatment method for the surface, the non-coppered welding wire also has the same good anti-rust property as the coppered welding wire.
6.No generation of copper smoke:
The working environment is greatly improved. There is no copper smoke because the welding wire is not coppered.
7.Less wear of current contact nozzle.

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