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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

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Roll Forming Machine
1.Forming processing

Uncoiler-flatting-clamp&punchine-positioning cutting-forming-collection

2. Equipment capabilities
1). width of raw materail : 60mm- 860mm

2). Product speed by punching: 2.5-5m/min
3). Continuous roll forming speed: 10-15m/min
4). Material thickness: 1-2mm
5). Material require: Q235 cold roll steel
6). Production line has automatic and manual two operating mode, may realize the linkage and the partition revolution work.

3. Main composition of machine
This unit consists of the decoiler, ML900 flatting, 200 punch, punching die, servo feeding, guider, main roll forming machine, follow cutting, cut-to-length part, electrical control cabinet; etc.

4. Each part major technical parameters
4.1 Drive decoiler
1). Material width 860mm
2). Material weight 6000kg
3). Material outer diameter 1200mm
4). Drive power: Electromotor and speed reducer integration, 4KW frequency conversion electromotor
5). Frame type: Cantalever inner support, manual handle afterbody, pneumatic press cantalever.

4.2 Flatting
1) Working rolls: 11 rolls, up 4/down 5, the residual 2 rolls is clamp deliver rolls.
2) Flatting bound: Material thickness 1-2mm, material width 100-860mm
3) Drive power: 5.5kw frequency conversion electromotor
4) Speed reducer model: ZQ250
5) Flatting speed: 3-10 m/min
6) Parenthesis up and down a pair of fortified wheel

4.3 Continual punching mould
1. Amount: Each kind of width specification 1 set dies, total 6 sets
2. Die require: Cr12 quench

4.4 Servo feeding
1. electromotor power: 4.4kw
2. Multistage type feeding, memory ten group of memory functions
3. Man-machine contact surface numerical control system
4. Uses Mitsubishi servo meter

4.5 Holds material (use in cushion section)
The roller type, the both sides have the bearing support, 3 sets,

use in holding the material and under the deposited material spacing

4.6 Guider
A pair of horizontal roller and two pairs of vertica

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