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Underwater Working ROV, Orca A-1D, UHMW-PE material,Small Light Practical Model

Underwater Working ROV, Orca A-1D, UHMW-PE material,Small Light Practical Model

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This product has features of compact structure,easy operation,low failure rate and friendly maintenance.In paticular,we adopts new material-Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE) material,which has high impact resistance,crash worthiness and pressure resistance.Meanwhile,This model is economical and very practical. It can perfectly accomplish the underwater inspection and simple salvage.Most importantly,this model has low profits but very good sales and is very cost-effective.

Welcome to check the below product performance introduction:

1.Structure:It adopts the UHMW-PE material,whole structure is resistant to crush and impact, water pressure resistance can reach 300M.

2.Control system:It adopts single chip system and can send movement orders to the robot through single chip system.

3.Thruster:3 sets of 24V 40W underwater thruster,2 thrusters control the robot to move forward,backward,turn left and right,1 thruster controls the robot to move up and down.

4.Power supply:AC220V convert to DC24V,suitable for long use and has no battery loss.

5.Camera:700 lines camera and impact-resistant camera masking

6.Cable: cable special for underwater use,bear weight of 100kg.

7.Service life: Main body UHMW-PE material can reuse 20 years

8.Robot size:580*350*300mm 11kg

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Weihai Future Robot Co., Ltd.

Add:213 Torch Road, High-tech Development Zone, Weihai City, China




Website: www.vvlai.cn

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