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Orca-A ROV,Underwater Inspection ROV  4*1080P camera 100M Cable

Orca-A ROV,Underwater Inspection ROV 4*1080P camera 100M Cable

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Product Features


●Monitor:19 inch LCD,OSD time/date

●Camera:4*1080P HD camera, front camera vertical rotation 220°, horizontal rotation 360°

●NVR: 1T NVR ,video text overlay

●Cable:100m optical fiber buoyancy cable,can bear weight of 100kg

●Lighting:2*20W LED light, 3*10W LED light,special lighting technology that light tracks the camera

●Thruster:4 high-powered thrusters; Two control the robot forward,backward,left,right;Another two control up and down

●Reel:Reel with slip ring

●Outer packing:Military green case

●Materials:Stainless steel



●Depth Sensor, auto depth sailing

●Water Surface Compass&underwater double compasses

●GPS locating


Orca-A ROVs are completely mobile underwater camera systems that are cntrolled from the surface and capable of staying submerged indefinitely.These ROVs are ideally suited to a variety of applications,such as:

Research and education,underwater archaeology,oceanography;

Fish behaviour observation,fishery box inspection,aquaculture;

Offshore oil rog,nuclear power station,tidal power station,offshore wind power station,pipeline inspection;

Port,dockyard,underwater hull inspection;

Commercial diving,sport diving,underwater operation support;

Place where is dangerus for frogman to access,toxic liquid inspection,diving area inspection,diver watch;

Search and rescue in river and sea,dam inspection,underwater construction inspection;

Recreation,underwater creature observation,aquarium;

They can dramatically reduce serch time,as well as the risk and high cost associated with diving operations,equipped with the remote metal detector the ROV becomes a high tech search system capable of locating weapons,unexploded ordnance,pipelines,buried treasure,and other metal objects.

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Weihai Future Robot Co., Ltd.

Add:213 Torch Road, High-tech Development Zone, Weihai City, China




Website: www.vvlai.cn

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