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LED/JMDM-LEDDISP The serial control LED digital tube display system

LED/JMDM-LEDDISP The serial control LED digital tube display system

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Product Features

1. Feature : jmctrl(at)msn(dot)cn.
1) The serial control LED digital tube display system for jingmin digital machine Co., Ltd. independent research and development of a host computer monitoring, LED digital tube display of hardware and software products, Hardware used JMDM-LEDDISP, each board have five of eight sect of high brightness LED used to display computer, PLC micro-controller data. The digital tube display system all using high-power logic driver chips, fully static seal, flicker-free, high brightness, With green and red digital pipe ( the size is 19mm*13mm ) to choose from, with another four keystrokes.
2) The main power supply standard is DC24V, Also applies to the wide input voltage range: DC9V~30V Can be used work normally;
3) Shell with screws or rail mounting, integrated compact design,Shell size: L * W * H: 96mm*57mm*35mm;;
4) Available for customers with special requirements can use KeilC or assembler programming, users have a difficult process just send to our company, and our company can help to programming.
5) There are two ways: the standard RS232 communications, two-wire SPI communication with the external computer or PLC or SCM communication
Multiple digital display board can by RS232 or RS485 communication network component system, can reach up to 255 digital display board composed of large display systems
2. Specification
Working Temperature: -10~+25 centigrade; Storage temperature: -20~+80centigrade
Humidity: 5~95% non-condensing;
Power consumption (No external device):+24@0.2A (Typical values)
3. Use
1) Can be used for serial control digital display system and used to display computer, PLC micro-controller data, and transmitted the key information received from the control panel to the computer, single-chip controller;
2) Button available to do the man-machine of the digital tube, display computers, PLC, micro-controller data and transmitted the control panel receives information to the computer, PLC, micro-controller

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