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47-89984 Impeller for Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta Sterndrive

47-89984 Impeller for Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta Sterndrive

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  • Made In : unknown
  • 47-89984 Impeller for Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta Sterndrive

Product Features

Our impeller list is as below,

Impeller 47-59362T1
Impeller 47-862232A2
Impeller 47-89984 / 47-89984T4
Impeller Kit 47-89984T4 -KIT
Impeller Repair Kit 47-43026Q06
Impeller 983895
Impeller Housing Seal 0911704
Impeller 3854286
Impeller 3583602
Impeller 3588475
Impeller 3588914/21213664/3593660/21951352
Impeller 3830459
Impeller 3854286
Impeller 803729
Impeller 831182/875575/875575-3
Impeller 835874
Impeller 875583-7
Impeller 875736-1
Impeller 875808
Impeller 875811-2/3858256/386228
Impeller 876097?
Impeller 876120-7/834794
Impeller 876771 / 3887761
Impeller 877061
Impeller 877061-2
Impeller 104211-42070
Impeller 14242-050
Impeller 124223-42091/128296-42070/124223-42092
Impeller 129470-42530/129670-42530/12970-42531
Impeller 124310-46090/145410-46090
Impeller 124223-42092/119773-42600
Impeller 122610-42021
Impeller 119593-42200
Impeller 148687-42830
Impeller 132-0415
Impeller 132-0859
Impeller 132-0310
Impeller 132-0162
Impeller 132-0117/24880178/132-0317
Impeller 132-0349
Impeller 132-0379/132-3075"
Fuel Filter Kit 35920
Fuel Filter 38090
Fuel Filter,Carburetor 36270
Impeller 132-0348
Air Filter Element NL-24-22009
Air Filter Element NL-24-28003
Impeller 124223-42091
Impeller 500115 (CEF)
Impeller 500135 (CEF)
Impeller 500138 (CEF)
Impeller 500145 (CEF)
Impeller 500152 (CEF)
Impeller 500165(CEF)
Impeller 500167 (CEF)
Impeller 500182 (CEF)
Impeller 500201 (CEF)
Impeller 500205 (CEF)
Impeller 500207 (CEF)
Impeller 6303-0003/09-824P-9/500238
Impeller 500186 (CEF)

We are Sinera Marine Industrial Co., Ltd., the aftermarket Supplier for Sterndrive, Jet Ski, Snowmobile, and ATV spare parts in Taiwan.

We supply various spare parts for many brands models and cooperate with American, European and Australian suppliers.

Our products obtained extensively appreciations, especially gimbal bearings, pistons, gasket kits, and gears.

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SINERA MARINE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of stern drive parts for aftermarket in the world.

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We manufacture products for worldwide clients such as brand MERCRUISER (ALPHA ONE, GEN.II, BRAVO I & II)/Inboard/Outboard/Stern Drive Engine, OMC Cobra, JOHNSON/Evinrude Outboards, YAMAHA, MERCURY, CHRYSLER/Inboard, VOLVO PENTA.etc.

Parts including : Drive Shaft Housing, U-Joint, Yoke, Socket, Retainer, Grommet, Fuel System, Special Tools, Starters, Thermostats And Kits, Cooling, Drive Systems, Electrical / Ignition, Exhaust, Engine-External, Engine-Internal, Power Term, Remote Control, Transom, Bearing, Prop Hardware, Seal Kits, Gear Housing Assembly, Powerhead, Cooling(Thermostat), Cooling(Water Pump), Head Gaskets, Electrical, Drive Shaft Housing Gear Sets, Upper Housing, Lower Housing, Gearcase Seal/Bearing & Gear Kit, Gearing Housing Bearing, Oil Seals, Piston Kits, Thrust Bearings, Roller Bearings, Cage Bearings, Power Packs And Amplifiers, Propeller, Water Pump Housing, Cup, Impeller, Washer, Screw, Nut, Tube Guide, O-Ring, Key, Gasket, Wear Plate, Water Pump Base, Shim, Bushing Assembly, Clip, Shift Shaft, Insert, Trim Tab, Shift Spool, Shift Crank, Cross Pin, Clutch Dog, Prop Shaft, Thrust Ring, Ball Bearing, Bearing Carrier, Tab Washer, Cover Nut, Thrust Hub, Lockwasher, Lock Nut, Slinger, Drive Shaft, Anode, Draining Screw, Shift Cable Tool, Bearing Retainer Wrench, Shift Shaft Bushing Tool, Pinion Gear Shimming Tool, Drive Shaft Adaptor, Drive Gear Shimming Tool, Bearing Carrier Retainer Wrench, Pinion Nut Adaptor Kit, Hinge pin Tool, Engine Alignment Tool, Trim Cylinder, Rear Anchor Pin, Rod Scraper, Floating Piston, Springs, Steel Ball, Shock Piston, Cylinder Housing Kit, Plate Seal, Centering Cone, Gimbal Bearing, Clamp, Spacer, Cotter Pin, Reverse Gear,




46-96148A1 WATER PUMP HSG 
48752 CUP 
47-89984 IMPELLER 
824519 RETAINER 
10-96411 SCREW 
11-13438 NUT 
26-38970 SEAL 
23-29804 TUBE CULDE 
25-30613 O-RING 
11-13436 NUT 
12-36001 WASHER 
28-56654 KEY
27-85609-1 GASKET 
27-85608-1 GASKET 
26-16977 OIL SEAL 
26-89238 OIL SEAL 
25-90011 O-RING 
25-38099 O-RING 
27-42631-1 GASKET 
15-42637A1 SHIM 
12-29395 WASHER 
12-31266 WASHER 
26-89236 OIL SEAL 
25-25439 O-RING 
12-27880 WASHER 
18-20233 CLIP
26-45577-1 SEAL 
22-67892A1 SCREW 
12-19183 WASHER 
93424-1 INSERT(PORT)
10-76156 SCREW 
11-45812 NUT 
11-13439-1 NUT 
10-32470 SCREW 
10-30206 SCREW 
31640Q4 TRIM TAB
11-35921 NUT 
15-47397A1 SHIM 
31-35928T1 BEARING (I.D.1.875)
31-828437A2 BEARING (I.D.1.750)
31-30895 BEARING 
24-30893 SPRING 
17-30632 CROSS PIN 
52-853594T CLUTCH DOG 
44-824110 PROP SHAFT 
43-828073A1 REVERSE GEAR 
68100-1 TRUST RING 
25-31534 O-RING 
26-14077 OIL SEAL (INSIDE)
12-92721 WASHER 
14-18323 TAB WASHER 
79448 COVER NUT 
12-825467 THRUST HUB 
13-42351-1 LOCKWASHER 
14-31210 TAB WASHER 
11-827614 LOCK NUT
45-42634 DRIVE SHAFT
25-30271 SLINGER 
12-29245 WASHER 
23-824108 THRUST SPACER 
17-35973 DOWEL PIN
28-30281 KEY
24-34576 SPRING 
1623-815822A30 GEAR CASE 
1623-815822A36 GEAR CASE 
25-21836 O-Ring
26-816575A2 FACE SEAL 
47-43026-2 IMPELLER 
27-817277 GASKET 
817276-1 FACE PLATE 
27-43033-1 GASKET 
25-90011 O-RING
26-66302 OIL SEAL 
824519 RETAINER 
31-36387A1 ROLLER BEARING (1991-1997)
31-33138A1 Roller Bearing(1998 & up)
15-42637A1 SHIRM 
45-816919 Drive Shaft (1991-1997)
26-816464-1 OIL SEAL 
25-36318 O-RING
26-45577-1 SEAL
12-19183 WASHER
22-67892A1 SCREW
31-42647A1 Roller Bearing
43-828072A2 Forward Gear Set(1991-95)
43-828072A3 Forward Gear Set(1996-up)
12-92721 Washer
11-35921 Nut
76214A1 Trim Tab
76865 Shift Crank
818349T1 Shift Spool
15-47397A1 Shim (1991-95)3.500 O.D.
15-44491A1 Shim (1996-UP)3.265 O.D.
31-35928T1 Bearing(1.875 I.D./3.500 O.D.)
31-828437A2 Bearing(1.750 I.D./3.500 O.D.)
31-828439A2 Bearing(1.875 I.D./3.265 O.D.)
31-30894A1 Bearing(1.750 I.D./3.265 O.D.)
31-30895 Roller Bearing
24-30893 Spring
17-30632 Cross Pin
52-853594 Clutch
44-824110 Propeller Shaft (1991-97)
43-828073A1 Reverse Gear 
68100-1 Thrust Ring
30-88957T Ball Bearing
25-31534 O-Ring
31-30956 Roller Bearing
26-14077 Oil Seal
26-12224 Oil Seal
14-18323 Tab Washer
79448 Cover Nnt
12-835467 Thrust Hub
13-42351-1 Lock Washer
12-31211A2 Tab Wsh Receiver
14-816629 Tab Washer
11-827614 Nut
818763A10 Bearing Carrier
815919A1 Lower Shift Shaft
23-67370 Sleeve
28-43037 Key
821759A4/A1 Carrier Assembly
23-815921A21 Shift Bushing
806105A1 Anode Assembly
816597A1 Coupling Assembly
23-816583 Guide Tube
817275A1 Pump Assembly-water
10-816928 Screw
10-806327 Screw
53-29641 E-ring
23-824108 THRUST SPACER 
1547-9412A18 Drive Shaft Housing Assembly
94998A4 Cover Assembly
25-32546 O-Ring
15-45691A1 Shim(For No. 21510 Bearing)
15-32563A1 Shim(For No. 21511 Bearing)
31-61100A1 Bearing Assembly(O.D. 1-15/16)
31-32575A1 Bearing Assembly(O.D. 1-25/32)
45-55796 Drive Shaft 
25-55801 O-Ring
43-18410A4 Gear Set(1.50 or 1.47 Ratio)(20-22)
43-45814A5 Gear Set(1.65 or 1.62 Ratio)(24-24)
43-75325A3 Gear Set(1.84 or 1.81 Ratio)(17-19)
43-55778A3 Gear Set(1.98 or 19.4 Ratio)(20-24)
31-32573A1 Roller Bearing (1.50 Ratio)
31-35990A1 Roller Bearing (1.65, 1.84, 1.98 Ratio)
31-66818A1 Roller Bearing(1.32 Ratio)
15-36178A1 Shim
26-32511 Oil Seal
26-96503 Oil Seal
25-25439 O-Ring
814819A2 U-Joint Assembly
814819A3 Yoke Assembly
75832T1 U-Joint 
805536A2 U-Joint
39383T Socket
46020-1 Yoke 
816811-1 Retainer
35983 Ring
25-70937 O-Ring
66081A2 Carrier Assembly
26-823894 Oil Seal
31-35988A2 Roller Bearing
15-35980A1 Shim
15-71013 Shim
12-45810 Washer
11-22339 Nut
10-79953Q2 Screw
12-19183 Washer
10-98794 Screw
19-47579 Plug
11-13439-1 Nut
27-55810-1 Gasket
10-28668 Screw
42724A3 Water Pocket Cover Kit
23-32632 Busing
26-36557 Grommet
32-54236 Water Tube
19-42682 Welch Plug(1-1/4 O.D.)
22-42861-1 Pipe Plug
26-36557 Grommet
1547-815930A7 Driveshaft Housing Assembly
10-98794 Screw
25-32546 O-Ring
15-45691A1 Shim (For No. 21510 Bearing)
15-32563A1 Shim (For No. 21511 Bearing)
31-61100A1 Bearing Assembly (O.D. 1-15/16)(1991-95)
31-32575A1 Bearing Assembly (O.D. 1-25/32)(1996-THRU)
45-55796-1 Drive Shaft
43-18410A4 Gear Set(1.50/1.47 Ratio)(20-22) 1991-97
43-45814A5 Gear Set(1.65/1.62 Ratio)(24-22) 1991-97
43-75325A3 Gear Set(1.84/1.81 Ratio)(17-19) 1991-97
43-55778A3 Gear Set(1.98/1.94 Ratio)(20-24) 1991-97
31-35990A1 Roller Bearing(1.62, 1.81, 1.94, 2.40 Ratio)
31-32573A1 Roller Bearing(1.47 Ratio)
15-36178A1 Shim
26-66302 Oil Seal
814819A2 U-Joint Assembly(1991-97)
814819A7 U-Joint Assembly(1998 & up)
25-25439 O-Ring
25-35027 O-Ring
59830A7 Yoke Assembly
853635 Yoke(1998 & up)
75832T1 U-Joint(1991-95)
805536A2 U-Joint(1998 & up)
39383-1 Socket
46020-1 Yoke(1991-97)
816811-1 Retainer
35983 Ring
25-70937 O-Ring
66081A2 Carrier Assembly
26-823894 Oil Seal
31-35988A12 Roller Bearing Kit
15-35980A1 Shim
15-71013 Spacer
12-45810 Washer 
11-22339 Nut
10-79953Q2 Screw Kit
12-19183 Washer 
11-817618 Locknut
12-45176 Washer 
10-816601 Bolt
24-17997A1 Sprint Kit
828692Q1 Cover Assembly
26-88397 Grommet
32-860220 Guide Tube
821629Q1 Anode
13-78968 Lockwasher
10-28688 Screw
13-78968 Lockwasher
815932 filler Wall
19-32297 Plug
861783 Plug
814386 Wear Pad-port
814387 Wear Pad- Starboard

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