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ARM11 S3C6410 Android2.3 Single-board computer SBC6410

ARM11 S3C6410 Android2.3 Single-board computer SBC6410

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Product Features

SBC6410 is based on Samsung S3C6410, 256MB DDR SDRAM, 1G NAND Flash. Android2.3, WinCE6.0, Linux2.6 OS. GPS, WIFI, Camera, USB HUB+4x4 Matrix Keyboard, USB 3G Modem


1 Overview
SBC6410 is based on Samsung S3C6410 - an advanced ARM11 CPU for running operating system and application code, and for dedicated video processing. Low voltage Mobile DDR enables very low power consumption in regular operation and in standby. For embedded applications, the SBC6410 provides a general purpose local bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, I/O lines and other essential functions, while integrated WIFI interface implement industry standard wireless connectivity. The small size and low power consumption of the SBC6410 allows its integration into hand-held and mobile devices, while its low price makes it an ideal selection for cost-sensitive applications. The SBC6410 delivers a price / performance ratio significantly better than that of any other platform.
2 Parameter
* Source Code for Android2.3, WinCE6.0 and Linux
* Processor: Samsung S3C6410, ARM1176JZF-S, up to 667MHz.
* 256MB SLC NAND Flash, Samsung K2F2G08, 1G NAND Flash optional
* 2MB NOR Flash, AMD AM29LV160DB
* 1 EEPROM, support I2C, it can be soldered with AT88SC016 for encryption
* SDIO WIFI Module, supporting IEEE802.11b/g
* LCD/Touch Screen interface. Supporting 4.3", 7" TFT LCD
* GPIO, ADC, SPI, IIC, I/O, Interrupts and MMC
* Audio I/O (3.5mm audio jack)
* 10/100M Ethernet (RJ45)
* USB2.0 Host
* USB2.0 Device* Serial ports
* SD/MMC interface
* Camera interface (support the mode of ITU-R 601/656 8bit) 
* Seven buttons (Reset, Boot, User defined, On/Off)
* Board Dimension: 116.6 x 76.8 x 17mm
* Power supply: +12V
* Module: GPS, WIFI, Camera, USB HUB+4x4 Matrix Keyboard, USB 3G Modem

3 About Services
Boardcon backs up our kits with a Start-Up Guarantee. We invite you to make use of our free technical support until any start-up problem you might encounter is solved. The positive out-of-box experience with the Rapid Development Kit illustrates Boardcon's continuous commitment to providing customers with effective embedded solutions by offering a hands-on, industry-centric entry point for embedded developments, which is a key starting point for OEMs needing to have a complete solution up and running under very short development time constraints.
If somewhere on the board don't meet your specification of your project, we will modify the board for a semi-custom solution. When needed, we will develop a new embedded SBC or peripheral board to meet your requirements.

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