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Copy - Emergency Shower & eyewash Composite 304 stainless steel ZH-6610

Copy - Emergency Shower & eyewash Composite 304 stainless steel ZH-6610

Business Information

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Product Features

Model: 6610
Material: 304 stainless steel body materials are divided into.
Emergency shower: stainless steel 304 inlet pipe (1-1/4)
Stay- open ball valve switch, pull rod (D 8mm) and shower head
Eyewash: 304 stainless steel inlet pipe, stay –open ball valve switch and eye wash bow.
Eye spray head: 304 stainless steel, Built-in PP filter.
Chemical resistant PP/Solid brass, built-in stainless steel filter to remove impurities from water
Foot treadle stainless steel available: (Non-standard supply)
Parts: shower, eyewash basin, eyewash elbow, Spray head.
Accessories list:
Shower head, pull rod, and spray head, eye wash bowl, outlet pipe, installation bracket, eye wash valve, and sign.

China high quality emergency shower and eyewash station manufacturer
Emergency shower is reached A NSI Z358.1-2004
Emergency shower eyewash is according to the U.S. ANSI Z358.1-2004 stand. Each component of the length, height, water flow, water flow and spray area in the designated set code. For emergency equipment, Eye wash is ergonomically designed with two spray heads, and height and the angle of the heads offer face most comfort. The specially designed spray holes soften water spray and protect eyes effectively.

Product Description
Emergency eyewash series are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, semiconductor companies in hazardous work areas and laboratory emergency safety device. Single object or toxic chemical liquid splashing into the staff body, face, eyes, or Fires caused by staff clothing fire, the device can quickly minimize the risks and reduce the toxic and hazardous substance qualitative physical injury to staff.
1. Shower head delivers 75.7 liters/minute, as the standard hydraulic pressure.
2. Hands- free stay-open valve activates in one second.
3. Height from show head to the bracket is 2100mm
4. Water pattern is 500 mm in diameter at 1520mm above floor.
5. Spray head delivers 1.5 liters/minute as the standard hydraulic pressure.
6. Di

Product Specifications

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