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Xbox360 LTU2 PCB,PS4 repair parts,PS4 HDMI MN86471A,x360run,X360 ACE V1, Manufacturer and Supplier - China(CN)

Xbox360 DVD Drive PCB DG-16D4S DG-16D5S DG-16D2S lite on BENQ Hitachi repair

Xbox360 DVD Drive PCB DG-16D4S DG-16D5S DG-16D2S lite on BENQ Hitachi repair

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Product Features

Xbox ONE Controller Joystick cap
Xbox360 Lite on iHaS524 Laser Lens
Xbox360 LTU2 Lite on DG-16D5S PCB MT1319L
Xbox360 Slim XCGPU 45nm 9.6A 10.83A;
Xbox360 slim South Bridge Chip X850744-004 KSB 45nm
Xbox360 Hitachi LG DVD Drive unlock PCB 0500 0502
Xbox360 Hitachi DVD Drive 0500 0502
Xbox360 network chips ICS1893BFLF
Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D4S DVD Drive Unlocked PCB
Xbox360 MT1335We Mediatek
Xbox one power switch flex cable
Xbox360 slim power switch flex cable
Xbox360 Slim DVD Drive Lite-On DG-16D4S 9504
Xbox360 Slim DVD Drive LG0500
Xbox360 slim Laser lens HOP-15XX
Xbox360 Slim 320GB 250GB Hard Drive
Xbox360 Slim 250GB Hard Drive Case
BGA Solder Balls 250,000pcs
Xbox360 CPU X812480
X812480-007/X812480-008;dual 65nm
X812480-001/X812480-003/X812480-004; single 65nm
X820894-001, Dual 65nm
X817793-001, Dual 65nm
Model: X02127-002/X02127-003/X02127-004/X02127-005/X02127-006/X02127-007/X817793/817791/X810478/X816970-002/X816971/X810480-002/X810480-003/X810480-004/X820894-001/X810478-002),all compatible with 65nm XBOX360
Part no:X02056-010,X02056-011,X02056-012,X02056-009 Microsoft Xbox360 GPU 90nm IC Chip ; 80nm / 90nm (80NM, Fits model of XBOX 360(Falcon) console )
65nm. Part no: X810480-001,X810480-002,X810480-003;X810480-004
Xbox360 CPU
Xbox360 CPU XCPU
Xbox360 HDMI GPU X820894
Xbox360 HDMI GPU X817793
Xbox360 HDMI GPU X02127
Xbox360 GPU X02056
Xbox360 HDMI GPU X810480
Xbox360 hana chip X802478-003
Xbox360 South Bridge Chip PSB X817692-002 X817692-001 XSB X02047-027
XBOX360 X810634-002,X810634-003,X816225-001
T60 N02RG
Xbox360 Lite-on DG-16D2S DVD Driver 74850C 93450C 83850C
Xbox360 Lite on DG-16D4S DVD Drive warehousing Motor
Xbox360 Laser Lens Hop-141X SF-HD67 SF-HD63
Xbox360 PS3 HDMI Port
Xbox360 Controller Key Switch


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