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Information for Buyers

  • Target Markets: TOPDRY is widely used in various field all over the world
  • Business Type: Retailer,Chain store,Wholesaler,Manufacturer,Mail order,Direct sales
  • Established date: 2005
Moisture Absorber For Container

Moisture Absorber For Container

Business Information

  • Price : $0.1 USD
  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : ,,,,,,,RoHS,,,,,SGS,REACH
  • FOB Port : Guangzhou
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 14 pcs/ctn
  • Supply Capability : 100 container/month
  • Delivery Time : Within 2 days

Product Features

TOPDRY desiccant absorb up to 300% of its own weight for 60-90 days when its fully maximize, against moisture damage,corrosion, mold and rust.

 Product Description:

TOPDRY H1000 is a standard specification of our shipping container desiccant. With a larger

proportion and more adsorbent materials, it extracts water vapor quickly from the air, thus preventing the humidity inside the container reaching dew point and condensing. Once water

vapor has been absorbed, the desiccant turns to gel and the water is retained by binding agents.



Product Feature

TOPDRY- no leaking

Topdry desiccants after absorbing the moisture will become gel because of the binding agent. this will eliminate the chances of water leaking out from the desiccants and damage the cargoes. Packaging: with a special system of double packing



Product Specification:

Specification: 1000g     

Size: 16*88*2 cm  

Packaging: 14 pcs/ctn    

Applications: shipping containers        

Certifications: SGS, REACH RoHS, 100% FREE OF DMF




TOPDRY H1000 is used especially for protection of cargoes transported by sea, air and land, protecting coffee, tea, cocoa beans, sugar, spices, steel, machinery, flowers, potato seed, aluminium and many other products against moisture damage.


Other Information:

Certification: All Lindia Chemical TOPDRY products are 100% free of Dimethyl Fumerate (DMF), pass SGS, REACH and RoHS. Environmentally friendly and effective protection system against moisture damage, rust & fungus.

Product Specifications

Specification: 1000 g

Size:16*88*2 cm

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