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Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited
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  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Retailer
  • Established date: 2006

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SMT UART TTL to WIFI Module,stamp hole package

SMT UART TTL to WIFI Module,stamp hole package

Business Information

  • Price : $26 USD
  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : CE,FCC,
  • FOB Port : China
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Standard package
  • Supply Capability : 1000pcs/month
  • Delivery Time : Within 3 days

Product Features

WIFI232 Module is a tool for MCU link to WIFI network, work for Transparent transmission, TCP server ,TCP client and UDP mode can be choose. Data from serial to WIFI or WIFI to serial.

1.Lower power,have been handled specially when runing the module

2.Unique AP+Station Mode.

3.Sound PCB Library File

4.Start time only need 1 second

5.Adopt Qualcomm's WIFI scheme


1.CE and FCC certerfication

2.Passing high and low temperature testing,-20 degrees to 80 degrees industrial working environment temperature range, we can offer high and low temperature test report.

3.All the products passed the professional equipment strictly testing and aging.

4.The core use marvell leading professional and high quality WIFI module,high-speed ARM kernel, ensure the processing power and stability.

5.The built-in watchdog and heartbeat mechanism guarantee online ability.


1.Communication distance: external antenna version 400 meters, on-board antenna 300 meters.

2.MAX baud rate 460800 BPS

3.Support most WIFI encryption and algorithm, WEP/WAP-PSK/WAP2-PSK/WAPI, encryption type WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP/AES3

4.Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, used to make long distance covered high power AP,usually need 802.11 n agreement, this module is also perfectly support.

5.Support DHCP automatically access IP, support assign IP5 for slave while work in AP mode

6.Support network protocol: TCP/UDP/ARP/ICMP/HTTP/DNS/DHCP6

7.TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP work mode, TCP Server mode can support up to 32 Client connection

8.Small volume, patch encapsulation, user-friendly application.

9.Through pulling low Reload IO mouth can restore factory Settings in a second, need’t worry about seting fault

10.Support wireless working in AP mode and node (Station) mode, the real hardware AP, android system can access directly

11.Optional built-in on-board or external antenna

12.Support transparent transfer mode, up to 1 M buffer space

13.Provide AT + instruction set configuration

14.Provide friendly Web configuration page, configure via Web

15.Auto COM port data packet funciton

16.3.3 V single power supply

17.Support routing/bridge mode network structure (with AP routing network cover large area)

18.Technical support, provide customized service

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