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Counter Flow Open Cooling Tower

Counter Flow Open Cooling Tower

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  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Counter Flow Open Cooling Tower
  • Counter Flow Open Cooling Tower
  • Counter Flow Open Cooling Tower

Product Features

1. Internationally speaking that the standard cooling tower of the company is designed according to the national working condition. We can also provide special design for non-standard working condition to customers.

2. Cooling tower construction in frp , Cooling tower types are square type in counterflow working principle with high cooling performance.

3. Due to site limitation or modeling requirement, the company especially design and custom make the cooling tower according required dimensions.

4. Notice that the base bearing surfaces are in a same horizontal plane and its elevation and each dimension error is less than 5mm.

5. Base height of the cooling tower should be determined according to the pipe diameter of the water outlet pipe and installation height.

6. Counter flow design is better to use in the northern regions with low temperature avoid freezing.

7. If users require our company to increase the water outlet flange bore diameter, please note it when ordering.

To make the customer feel satisfied, it is not just proving good products, but also the measures of installation, quality tracking and maintenance in the service of Ark. The files of customers are stored in the customer service center of Ark and Ark has the consideration of all details for the customers to solve the troubles behind for customers.


1. To provide operation training and equipment debugging to customer for free, and the technical guide before the starting up and shut down and the whole technical service and supports will be provided during the application of equipment.


2. If there is deviation between quantity and quality of products or technical specification and the contract, or it is confirmed that the product is defective, the supplier will conduct the maintenance for free or replace the defective products or parts after receiving the notice.


3. After the equipment is put into operation, if there are the damages of parts and quality problems occurring within the warranty period, the supplier shall properly handle it for free to the satisfaction of customer; if it occurs after the warranty period expired, the cost price of parts shall be paid.


4. If there are the operations or other conditions that will affect the normal operation of cooling tower occurring, our company will give the response and provide the solution within 1 hour after receiving the report.


5. The latest technology in environmental protection and energy saving shall be provided to customer as selections for free and the software used by equipment shall be upgraded for free within the life cycle of equipment.


6. The supplier will be responsible for providing the free technical training to the personnel of user, including the principles of equipment, failure diagnose and maintenance, etc.


7. The routine inspection and maintenance work shall be regularly provided.


8. Lifetime service system of product and the parts will be provided with cost price after the warranty period is expired.


9. Our company will be responsible for the guiding of installation (mechanical connection, electrical connection, adjustment whole equipment and test of each functions of equipment), commissioning and trial operation of equipments as well as the site supports and site technical training, etc.

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