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Wholesale new ip video door phone entry color video intercom system

Wholesale new ip video door phone entry color video intercom system

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  • Wholesale new ip video door phone entry color video intercom system

Product Features

TCP/IP video door phone
Intelligent digital building video doorphone system is based on internal LAN structure, achieve
digital video doorphone functions by the switches, routers etc. adopts optical fiber, CAT 5 cable as
transmission medium. Network, digital system has the characteristics of strong networking
ability,easy expansion , unified management, simple maintenance and so on.

Main functions(Outdoor unit):
1.Calling guard room, resident or management center
2.Support password and IC card unlocking, can add the user card directly
3.Support the management center unlocking
4.Support remote monitoring
5.Message leaving
6.Support alarm unlocking in an emergency (For example, if you are hijacked to unlock the
door, input the password in flashback way, then the management center will receive the alarm, and know you
are hijacked.)
8.Picture recording
9.With wrong operating voice prompt
10.Real time display
11.Can link to the elevator
12.Support body sensor to start to broadcast advertisement by divided period ( Optional)

Functions(Indoor unit):
1.Video intercom, support intercom between apartments
2.Support remote unlock
3.Can call the management center 4.Can monitor the outdoor unit, door station unit and IP camera (RTSP protocol)
5.Alarm zone setting and disarming: One button for setting and disarming (Can set 8 alarm
zones arbitrarily)
6.Monitoring, picture capturing and message leaving
7.Recording function: Alarm recording, visit recording, message recording and public
information can be checked by indoor unit
8.Real-time clock
9.Can link to the elevator
10.Smart home function: Six modes, include control the air-conditioning, lamp, curtain, etc.(pending)

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