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Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd.,Xi'an
  • Target Markets: East Europe, East Asia, Central America, Middle East, North America, Australia, Indian Subcontinent, East/Middle Africa, North Africa
  • Business Type: Exporter,Manufacturer
  • Established date: 2001
Waste water chemical chelating resin for heavy metal removal

Waste water chemical chelating resin for heavy metal removal

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1 cubic meter
  • Certificate : ,,FDA,,,,,,,CSA,
  • FOB Port : China main port
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 40/25 liter plastic bags packed on wooden pallet
  • Supply Capability : 100 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters / Month
  • Delivery Time : For bulk order, 30 days upon order confirmation

Product Features

Sunresin is the biggest resin solution provider for food processing,plant extracts, pharmaceuticals separation,and water treatment fields in China.
SEPLITE R resins,covering XDA Hyper-cross linked polystyrene macroporous adsorbent,LSC chelating resin and LSA complexing adsorbent have been sucessfully industrialized in treatment of organic waste water and heavy metal pulluted water.Meanwhile,some useful or valuable contents are enriched,recycled and reused,therefore to develop new sources of profits growth to balance the cost of enviroment protection.
We,Sunresin,provide various chemicals for different kinds of water treatment solutions:
For potable water, effectively softened,deionized and decolored by anion and cation exchange resin;
For origanic polluted water, phenols,amines,origanic acids, halogenated hydrocarbon are recycled by macroporous adsorbent resin;
For inorganic polluted water, amphoteric metals like Mo,V,W in hydrometallurgy and heavy metals such as Cu,Ni,Cr,Pb,Cd,Co,Mn,As,Au, Pt, Pd, Hg, as well as nitrate, perchlorate etc. are effectively removed by chelating resin.

SEPLITE R LSC710 resin for inorganic polluted water treatment solutions
SEPLITE R LSC710 is specially used for heavy metal removal in waste water ,such as Cu(copper),Ni(nickel ),Zn(zinc) ,
Pb(lead), ect.

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Typical Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Functional Group-SO3Na
Partical range(mm)>=95%0.30-1.19
Mostiure content %43-48
Bulk density g/ml0.77-0.87
Density g/ml1.24-1.33
Total capacity mmol/g≥4.40
Volumetric capacity mmol/g≥2.00
supply formNa+
Application:Pure water preparation, industrial water treatment

Product Description
1.high quality water purifier chemical resin
2. better exchange capacity
3.longer operation period 

RD Strength
Sunresin tooks R&D and innovation as the core value of the company’s development.Sunresin’s R&D Center, authorized by the government as Engineering R&D Center of adsorption and separation polymers, has the most advanced facilities and experienced professional staff.The staff has completed lots of national projects, innovation grants, Science & Technology Award etc.

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