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Glass fiber bag filter

Glass fiber bag filter

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Product Features

Glass fiber bag filter
1. Features
◇ Sturdy metal frame structure
◇ Optimized V-bag structure, low pressure drop, long service life
◇ Fine glass fiber melt blown filter with stable efficiency during the entire service life
◇ According to the latest standard EN779-2012
◇ Glass fiber can be biodegradable with excellent filter characteristics and no static loading
2. Description
◇ Frame in GI or AL
◇ There are ribs to support within the framework, each bag with a pair of ribs, to ensure that no bags off
◇ Melt blown ultra-fine glass fiber filter, quantity and structure of fluffy, ensuring the use of effective filtration area, long life
◇ Optimized "V" shaped bag structure - the gradient line from the blade technology to ensure that each pouch is uniform "V" shaped channel structure. This configuration enables the bag into the air evenly through the filter layer to ensure full use of all the media is to further improve the filtering efficiency and reduce air resistance;
◇ The maximum allowable resistance 600Pa
◇ Suitable in the environment max temp 60℃, max humidity 100%RH
3. Material
◇ Frame: GI, AL, Plastic, thickness: 20mm、21mm、26mm、47mm
◇ Media: Glass fiber
◇ Ultrasonic seamless adhesion structure
◇ Sturdy all-metal frame structure
4. Application
◇ M5、M6 are the main hvac filter for commercial and industrial ventilation systems, the pre-filter of the ventilation system in clean room
◇ F7、F8、F9 are the main filters for the commercial and industrial in the ventilation system
◇ In some special applications, if the synthetic fiber filters can not bring sufficient results, suitable for high temp environments
5. Efficiency
◇ M5、M6、F7、F8、F9 (EN779-2012)
6. Technical data: refer to above
7. Code: refer to above

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