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Form PU Resin

Form PU Resin

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Product Features

JA205# foaming resin is a new organic polymer material, Commonly known as the black material and white material, also known as PU material, foam material, combination of materials, black oil and butter. An independent closed-cell structure of the polyurethane rigid foam will be appeared by mix the part A and Part B evenly at ratio of 1: 1 . because of its superior performance ,It is widely used in many fields .

Mainly used for the Insulation material for : refrigerators, freezers, solar energy, high temperature chamber and other electrical companies, cold storage, refrigerated trucks industry, construction, pipe insulation industry, telecommunications, shipbuilding, wood furniture, handicrafts, packaging and other fields. Products are also applications involving light industry, chemical industry, electronics, textiles, medical, construction, building materials, automotive, defense, aerospace, aviation, etc., such as: fishing rod handles, drinking fountains coolers, automotive portable electronic refrigerator, mug, electricity water heaters, general equipment insulation sheet, and so on.

Technical Parameters
Code Mix Ratio Color Flash Point Viscosity(25℃cps ) Froth time Demould Time(60℃)
JA205# A:B=1:1 A:Black ?200 170~3000 1-2min 5-6min
B:White 150-300

*An Low density, high strength,
*good thermal insulation properties,
*good thermal insulation properties,
*quick and easy construction and other excellent characteristics,
*acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance,
*excellent production and processing performance characteristics.
*heat insulation, sound insulation
*capacity of light, high-strength, , fire-retardant
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