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Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

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The heavy duty lathe can be employed to process heavy machinery parts such as large shaft, supporting rollers, rollers, fan shaft, nuclear pressure vessel, Turbine Parts and parts used in railway and aviation.

How to Extent the Life of Tool of Heavy-Duty Horizontal Lathe

The tool of heavy-duty horizontal lathe is easy to wear, the how to improve the life of heavy-duty horizontal lathe tool? There are some tips:
? Cut off the self-excited current loop, reduce the temperature of the cutting zone, slow the cutting blade speed to soften and improve the life of the blade.
? Enhance the lubrication efficient of turning system, reduce the friction between tool and workpieces to gurantee the stable and smooth cutting process.
? Choose appropriate cutting parameters, which can not only improve the material removal rate, but also reduce the wear rate of the tool.

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