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Artificial grass extrusion machine

Artificial grass extrusion machine

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Features of Artificial Plastic Grass Mat?Extrusion Machine:
1. Adopt PLC control . It is connected with extruder/forming machine/haul off /winder and so on . The worker directly control capacity/production speed/ production time and so on by PLC control screen. PLC control system highly?improve production efficiency and save a lot time for customer.
2. Plastic grass mat extrusion line consist of automatic feeding system/single screw extruder/two layer flat die head/forming system / Haul off unit /trimming cutting unit/ winder/electrical control system .
3. All electric parts ( motor/breaker/inverter/relay ) is Siemens/Omron/Schneider brand. It can keep equipment operation stable and long service life.
4. Double channel distribution mould with inner water cooling is special designed. The?roller forming function of the mould can make non-woven fabric or PE sheet to get together with the plastic grass.

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