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Gold china international logistics company

Gold china international logistics company

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★★Import and export customs clearance to operate more money★★

Contacts: 何小麥(Mike)
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★ safety ★back ★trouble.★
Two, the general trade import declaration
Productsdeclaration form is a separate declaration.
Declaration customs serial number, or other documents, packing list, foreign exchange verification certificate, other documents, commercial floating [customer delivery is required at the time of the documents submitted to us] (3C card to need some machinery oh)
Customs declaration, foreign exchange verification certificate, packing list, commercial floating, contract, other documents for customs clearance. [customer self declaration needs to be submitted to the customs documents]
So what's the difference among them: complex procedures require Productsdocuments are complete. But the independent
The customs declaration form (for tax refund), no value declared limit. A unified customs import time than slow a few days.
General trade import declaration process / procedure
Declaration - Inspection - tax - clearance - customs clearance of your hand
(a) declaration
In the Customs within the prescribed time limit, second-hand / old Productsdeclaration refers to the consignee of import goods or their agents in the imported goods, electronic data interchange (EDI) or written to Hai Guanshen
Reported to the import and export of goods, and attach the relevant shipping and commercial documents, apply to customs clearance, and shall be liable for the accuracy of the contents of the declaration of the true behavior of the. Imported
Enterprise must provide the floating, customs declaration, import approval, packing list, bill of lading, duty-free certification and processing trade registration manual and other documents to the customs declaration. Among them, the declaration of the arrival date
In fourteen days the consignee of import goods or his agent sh

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