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China Industry Union Beijing Corp
  • Target Markets: Copper mould tube and other parts use for CCM, various of refractory use for ladle, include Slide gate & Tundish nozzle etc & Rolling mill rolls
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established date: 2005

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Tundish Nozzle

Tundish Nozzle

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Product Features

1. Material: stabilized zirconia, zircon sand, alumina, graphite, aluminum phosphate monobasic acid prime wood.
Item composition
inner core exterior
Al2O3 ?0.5% ?82%
SiO2 ?0.8% ?10%
TiO2   ?3%
CaO ?0.2% ?0.1%
Fe2O3   ?2.0%
MgO ?3% ?0.2%
K2O   ?0.2%
Na2O   ?0.1 %
P2O5   ?1.9%
C   ?1%
ZrO2 ?95%  

2. The structural principle: The tundish nozzle is a combination of inner core and exterior. The inner core is made of stabilized zirconia and zircon sand, producing through molding machines and high-temperature calcination. The exterior is made of zirconium and corundum, producing through molding machines and low-temperature baking. Tundish nozzle is located at the bottom of the tundish, it's the channel of liquid steel to flow from the tundish into the crystallizer.
3. Function of the tundish nozzle
1. Convey molten steel;
2. Control the flow rate of molten steel.

Tundish nozzle is an important component of continuous casting. Through the tundish nozzle, the molten steel flows from the tundish into the crystallizer. During this process, the outlet aperture will be eroded and widened, the amount of molten steel per unit of time increases and the surface of molten steel in the crystallizer rises, which requires increasing casting speed to digest the excess molten steel. With the further erode and widen of outlet aperture, adjusting casting speed can not digest all the excess molten steel, then releasing the excess molten steel through the mouth of the emergency is adopted though it's a waste of steel enterprises. Therefore, whether the outlet aperture of tundish nozzle remains constant is a most important measure of the quality. Usually, it is measured through the total use time in actual production.
Our Tundish nozzle has the properties of high refractoriness, good resistance to erosion, and can bear rushing scour etc.

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