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Engine turbocharger precision casting

Engine turbocharger precision casting

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Engine turbocharger precision casting

About the turbocharger is actually a kind of air compressors, compressed air to increase the volume. It is the use of engine exhaust from inertial force to push the turbine indoor turbine, turbine and drive the coaxial impeller, the impeller pressure to send by air filter pipe sent by air, pressurized into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases, exhaust gas discharge speed and turbine speed synchronization also increase, the impeller to compress more air into the cylinder, air pressure and density increase to burn more fuel, a corresponding increase in fuel quantity and adjust the rotating speed of engine, can increase the output power of the engine.

precision casting engine turbocharger material
Aluminum alloy
Stainless steel
High nickel steel
Cast iron
We mainly adopts casting and precision casting

High quality engine turbocharger
Turbocharged main effect is to raise engine into the air, so as to improve the power and torque of engine, to make the car more stronger. After an engine fitted with a turbocharger, the maximum power and did not install the supercharger can increase by 40% or even higher.

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