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Wear-resisting precision casting brake pads

Wear-resisting precision casting brake pads

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Wear-resisting precision casting brake pads

High quality brake pads by steel plate bonding, heat insulation layer and the friction blocks, steel to rust after coating, the coating process using SMT - 4 furnace temperature tracker to detect temperature distribution in the coating process to ensure quality. The heat insulation layer is composed of no heat transfer materials, heat insulation. Friction block is composed of friction materials, adhesives, squeezed when the brake on the brake disc or drum brake friction, so as to achieve the purpose of the vehicle deceleration braking.

Despite good brakes pads because of friction, the friction piece will gradually be wear and tear, generally the lower the cost of the brake pads wear faster. After the friction materials used to replace the brake pads in time, or steel plate and the brake disc will be direct contact, will eventually lose brake disc brake effect and damage.

Wear-resisting casting brake pads process
thermoforming: by hydraulic press and mold powder and the steel back of hot pressing molding as the basic shape of brake pads;
heat treatment, the product in the heat treatment heating box, remove the moisture in the product and make the material more fusion;
the ablation: will brake pads for such as higher temperature through the ablation of machine, the further removal of residual moisture, some brake pads without this process, quality and price is relatively lower;
spraying: through the sprayer will be sprayed on the steel back to the color and brand LOGO, usually black is given priority to, also have red, blue;
packing: is to vacuum encapsulation, finished product packaging.

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