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Product Features

1.weave patten of reverse dutch wire mesh belt
TDR, Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave
RPD Reverse Plain Dutch Weave
TRD Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave
2.characteristic fo reverse dutch wire mesh belt
RPD have warp wires laid as close as possible one to another with relatively thin diameters, while
the weft wires are very strong - so called reversed weave. Illustration above
TRD are also a reversed dutch twilled type, although in a twilled form. the warp wires are distributed
as with RPD, although the weft wires are knocked up in a twilled weave pattern, so as not to deform
the warp wires too much. Illustration below.
3.specifications of reverse dutch wire mesh belt
Reverse Dutch weave belt
Mesh Wire Dia.( mm) Weight (kgs/m2)
72x15 0.45x0.55 4.8
120x16 0.35x0.45 4.3
132x18 0.35x0.45 4.3
152x24 0.30x0.45 4.5
160x17 0.27x0.45 3.6
170x17 0.27x0.45 3.89
180x19 0.26x0.45 4.05
200x40 0.17x0.27 2.17
260x40 0.15x0.25 2.09
325x40 0.13x0.24 1.95

Min.Order Quantity: 100 Square Meter/Square Meters
Supply Ability: 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Week

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