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TSH Camera Stores Ltd
  • Target Markets: Europe,America,Australia,USA,South America,North America,Belgium,Netherlands,
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  • Established date: 2001
For.A FT-ONE Full 4K Variable Frame Rate Camera $45000usd

For.A FT-ONE Full 4K Variable Frame Rate Camera $45000usd

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The For.A FT-ONE Full 4K Variable Frame Rate Camera captures high-speed 4K video as RAW data at up to 860 fps. It shoots at a variety of frame rates including 24, 60, 120, and up to the maximum of 860 fps. It features a 12-bit CMOS sensor with 4096 x 2304 resolution, which is slightly larger than the DCI standard. The Sensor features an ISO rating of 640, and provides an image with an 11-stop dynamic range. It uses a global shutter that allows the images to avoid rolling shutter artifacts.

The CMOS sensor is equivalent in size to a Super 35 sized sensor, preserving the depth of field associated with cinema productions. The camera has a PL lens mount, allowing it to accept PL mounted cinema style lenses, as well as full frame lenses with a PL mount. The camera records 9.8 seconds of 4K footage at 860 fps, which you can play out as 4K or HD through the camera, or transfer the RAW files to available SSD modules for on camera play back. The available SSD modules will hold approximately 90 seconds of high-speed video, and can be hot swapped to transfer the footage to available storage for editing.

By partitioning the camera's internal RAM, the camera can output 4K or HD from one partition, while simultaneously recording to another. The built-in 12-Axis color corrector allows you to adjust hue and saturation for each of the 12 colors, which is useful when trying to match the HD output of the FT-One to other cameras. Color correction settings only affect the HD output, leaving the RAW files unaffected.

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