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Carbide Rolls, Tungsten Carbide Ring

Carbide Rolls, Tungsten Carbide Ring

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E-mail: xycarbide01@gmail.com
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Url: www.jnyzhj.com.en
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Main Product:
1) Tungsten carbide buttons/teeth,
2) Tungsten carbide PDC substrates,
3) Tungsten carbide rods/bars,
4) Tungsten carbide brazed tips,
5) Tungsten carbide balls, etc..
Tungtsen carbide buttons come in various shapes, e.g. spherical, bullet/ballistic/parabolic, conical, auger Tips, sharp claw, etc.They are used to make rock drill bits widely used in oil-field and mining, road planing tools, coal mining and for many wear-resistant parts.
Tungsten Carbide brazed tips are very abrasion resistant and can also withstand higher temperatures than standard high speed steel tools. Carbide brazed tips are often used for machining through materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, as well as in situations where other tools would wear away, such as high- quantity production runs. Because carbide tips maintain a sharp cutting edge better than other tools, they generally produce a better finish on parts, and their temperature resistance allows faster machining.

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