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Brake plate processing production line

Brake plate processing production line

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  • Brake plate processing production line

Product Features

Brake plate processing production line

Billon brake plate processing production line is mainly used for cutting plate parts , such as train locomotive wheel frame , direction ,etc; generator and cover , etc; automobile , motorcycle wheel hub, brake disc, etc . Machining process can realize double knives at the same time ,insert the knife processing , which can improve the efficiency 80% .(Unique knife device ,5s for tool change )

Machine features:
1. Billon brake disc production line can process automotive crankshaft , camshaft ,transmission shaft ,wheel hub, brake disc ,engine cylinder block, cylinder head, gearbox shell, the compressor shell, etc.
2. The machine uses vertical organization, lathe spindle vertical to the ground , which is advantageous to the workpiece machining accuracy .
3. The machine is suitable for irregular parts processing .
4. Simple operation , low cost of manpower and material resources .
5. It is easy to be unit line, such as two single axis vertical lathe can form a line , on both side of the workpiece processing .

Our brake disc lathe is a kind of high precision , high efficiency automatic machine tools. Equipped with multi-station tool tower or power tower , the machine has a wide range of process performance. It can process straight cylindrical , slash cylinder ,circular arc and a variety of thread, groove ,worm and other complex artifacts . Machine tool with a straight line interpolation, arc interpolation of various compensation function ,and in the mass production of complex parts in good economic effect .

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