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Jiach MPF-301TM Film Fungicide

Jiach MPF-301TM Film Fungicide

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Jiach MPF-301TM Reverse osmosis membrane fungicides Is fast-acting, non-oxidizing biocides, can completely kill a variety of Bacteria, fungi, yeast, cyanobacteria and algae. Jiach MPF-301TM Fungicides applied to various types of membrane components, its specialized membrane material of choice for non-oxidative sterilization recipe has a very high security while ensuring their use, and can be diluted with water in any proportion, easy to use. It has bactericidal effect time (30 minutes -2 hours), high rates of bacterial inactivation (99.9%), no resistance, environmental emissions after use and other characteristics, is very suitable for direct sterilization of reverse osmosis membrane systems.
This product is a reverse osmosis membranes for rapid non-oxidizing bactericide, having compatibility with the membrane, can be fast acting disinfection, a broad spectrum of bacterial inactivation rate, dosage, low cost, non-toxic, non-resistant, non-oxidizing completely soluble in water, the use of biodegradable, environmentally friendly emissions, easy to store and transport, stable physical and chemical properties and many other features, has became anti-penetration film best select of fast fungicide, using the run impact dosing or continuous cast plus or downtime CIP cycle in three ways, in the use of impact dosing or CIP sterilization cycle mode, the dosing concentration 100-400ppm, continuous dosing, dosing concentration 1-3ppm.
The appearance of Density PH Freezing point Minimum storage temperature Water soluble
Clear pale yellow liquid 1.1 ±0.05 3.0 ~5.0 -10 ℃ 0 ℃ Completely dissolve
Packaging specifications
Jiach MPF-301 TM Film Fungicides commercial packaging 25 kg / barrels.
Shelf life
Jiach MSIT-401 / SCTM inhibitor stable physical and chemical properties, stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse, away from fire, heat, storage temperature should not exceed 40 ℃ or below 0 ℃, please re-tighten after opening and avoid light. the product is valid for two years

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