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Jiach MSIT-401TM scale Inhibitor

Jiach MSIT-401TM scale Inhibitor

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Jiach MSIT-401TM Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor for High efficiency control membrane fouling can also prevent salt scale, metal, gel and part of the reverse osmosis membrane pollution caused by organic compounds. Jiach MSIT-401TM inhibitor reverse osmosis membrane technology is used Dendrimer patentable, and its raw materials from the United States PWT company's own research and development and synthesis of novel dendritic polymer production, this polymer has been shown to be specifically for the film element contamination, with the highest performance and comprehensive scale membrane element is absolutely safe for nonlinear polymer polymer materials.Jiach MSIT-401TM Reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor package using world's leading 11 times the United States original Super concentrated liquid (Jiach MSIT-401/SCTM), can save you 90% of the cost of transportation and storage space, under normal storage conditions, Pharmacy valid for more than two years Jiach MSIT-401TM reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor is a liquid product, can be diluted or direct continuous injection as needed for different water pollution, this inhibitor also be used with other PWT related products, such as MPF-301 / BioGuard microbicides by dosing in the same proportions by the same point injection system kits, saving investment dosing device, easy to operate controls. In addition, its unique molecular structure of the film itself is very safe, even at high concentration (excess dosing equipment malfunction) does not occur any deposition, crystallization or attached to the membrane and cause membrane fouling.

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