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Jiach MSIG-405TM Scale inhibitors

Jiach MSIG-405TM Scale inhibitors

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Jiach MSIT – 405TMinhibitor is a kind of high efficient liquid scale inhibitor, for fouling deposit control in membrane separation systems, reduce particulate obstruction. The product can be used to extend the service life of the equipment and the operating cycle, thereby reducing the operating and investment costs. The product has been widely used in reverse osmosis or nanofiltration device.
one, product characteristics
1, effective control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and strontium sulfate scale, LSI up to +3.0 was not caused by fouling
2, can make the operation of OR system in higher recovery rate
3, especially suitable for groundwater for reverse osmosis water
4, to the calcium sulfate has a strong control
5, with less dosage, high use value
6, applicable to all kinds of polyamide composite reverse osmosis membrane
two、The physicochemical index
1, appearance: amber liquid crystal clear
The pH value of 2: 1.5-2.5
3, the proportion of: 1.20-1.30
4, water soluble: in various proportions can be dissolved
Three, adding the dose and mode
Conventional medication dose, 1 MSIG-405 of 3-5 mg / L, special circumstances according to the water quality analysis report and system calculation to determine the.
2, add shall determine a proper dosage dilution according to the specific conditions, dilution water for production of RO water or demineralized water. Dilution is usually not more than 10 times.
3, to achieve the best results, dosing is generally in the static test tube mixer or security filter before adding.
Four, packaging and storage
1, Jiach MSIT – 405TM inhibitors using 25kg special plastic barrels packaging
2, Jiach MSIT – 405TM inhibitor stable physicochemical property, for a period of two years

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