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Factory hot selling!!!pefect skin care machine Water Oxygen Jet Peel

Factory hot selling!!!pefect skin care machine Water Oxygen Jet Peel

Business Information

  • Price : $2000 USD
  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : CE,
  • FOB Port : shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : woodencase
  • Supply Capability : 500-1000every month
  • Delivery Time : 2-3working days

Product Features

High Pressure Oxygen Injection(OMJ) adopts the world advanced PSA (pressure absorption principle), at normal temperature, when power on, then the machine can continue extracting sterile medical pure oxygen with high density from the air. Combining function of Oxygen Inhalation, Oxygen Injection and Oxygen Atomized spraying, and completely solve the problem of oxygen shortage of our body and our skin. Through an injection tool, with proper and rated pressure, inject the active ingredient to our deep skin with the help of pure oxygen. Then with the promoting of machine, transport the pure oxygen to even deeper skin. OMJ is perfect medical beauty equipment without surgical and pain. It uses the character of oxygen which can inject the active element such as hyaluronic acid, oxygen serum etc.. These active elements can penetrate into deep skin, at the same time, produce positive influence. The Cells Activating Apparatus can inject the 90% pure oxygen and active nutrient to deep skin with 2Bar pressure,which can help to accelerate the metabolism of skin cells. And help our skin to recover to health, smooth, youth state. Make you younger and more beautiful.



l  90% Pure Oxygen, which can be used in medical field.


l  Water electrophoresis therapy combined with anti-gravity sculpturing as well as bio-electric, effect is outstanding and can appear immediately.


l  High density oxygen molecule with active elements can help whiten and rejuvenate our skin immediately.


l  Special Spin Magnetic Therapy can effectively dissolve and burn the fat.


l  Touch LCD screen display, easy understandable software, convenient to use and easy to operate.


l  Multi-head with multi-technologies, with wide function and effect. A perfect face care multi-function equipment.







l  Supply oxygen for skin, and recover skin vitality immediately


l  Activate cells, recover skin elasticity


l  Remove the wrinkle, postpone aging of skin


l  Moisturize and rejuvenate skin, make skin more smooth and shining.


l  Clear up the facial defects, dilute all kind spots.


l  Accelerate the speed of skin metabolism.


l  Improve the breath state of skin, make the skin more health.


l  Recover the damaged skin after over treatment of dermabrasion, laser etc.



Product Specifications

Technical Parameter:

Rated Voltage:AC 220±22V/ 50±1Hz

Rated Power: 350W

Oxygen density:90%

Oxygen Flow:1-3L/min

Running noise:?55db(A)

Output pressure:30-70Kpa (adjustable)

Size of machine: 54.5×28.5×71.2cm

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