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Classic Magic Trick Toy Cups And Balls

Classic Magic Trick Toy Cups And Balls

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The Cups and Balls is a very classic magic game.
The most widely performed version of this trick would be three cups and three small balls. The magician makes the balls pass through the solid bottoms of the cups, jump from one cup to another, disappear from a cup and appear in other places like in your pocket, or vanish from pockets and reappear under the cups.

This Trick actually contain three plastic cups respectively in red, dark blue and yellow (the three original colors) and three yellow plush balls.
There are many similar items out there, most of them are silver plating or just in the same color. That indeed seems more "Magic". We however choose three bright colors because that would be much easier for children to perform.
More over, our cups needs less process to its final shape - mold injection, which would save a lot cost comparing with other plating cups.

This is not easy to perform. Children needs to be very clear about the position of each plush balls. But don't worry. We have very easy-to-understand instructions using simple words to help kid master this trick soon.

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