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Multi-electrode 2D Resistivity Survey Geophysical Exploring System

Multi-electrode 2D Resistivity Survey Geophysical Exploring System

Business Information

  • Price : $10 USD
  • Min. Order : 1 set
  • Certificate : ISO9001
  • FOB Port : Chongqing,china
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : Wooden case
  • Supply Capability : 50 sets/month
  • Delivery Time : 10-15 working days after receiving the payment
  • Multi-electrode 2D Resistivity Survey Geophysical Exploring System

Product Features

Main Application:

1. Water resources, metal and nonmetal mineral resources detection
2. City geophysical exploration, railway and bridge inspection
3. Hydrology and engineering geology as inspecting dam base and flood protection levee for incipient faults
4. Geothermal prospecting


1. 1D resistivity sounding
2. 1D induced polarization sounding
3. 2D Electrical resistance tomographic

Product Specifications

DZD-6A survey & control unit

Measuring voltage range: -6000mV~+6000mV Measuring voltage resolution: 0.01mV
Measuring voltage accuracy: (at Vp>10mV)±5%, ±1 digit; (at Vp>10mV)±1%, ±1 digit
Measured apparent polarizability accuracy: ±1%, ±1 digit
Measuring current range: 0~5000mA Measuring current resolution: 0.01mA
Measuring current accuracy: (at Ip>10mA)±5%, ±1 digit; (at Ip>10mA)±1%, ±1 digit
Input impedance: >50M ohm
Interference suppression on 50Hz power frequency: better than 80dB
Maximum power supply voltage: 900V Maximum power supply current: 5A
Power pulse width: 1-6 seconds, duty cycle 1:1
Working temperature: -10C Celcius ~ +50C Celcius, 95Rh
Weight: 8 kg
Volume: 305*200*202mm

DUK-2A multiplex electrode converter

Conversion electrodes: 60 channels or 120 channels
Operating mode: 16-key keypad with 90 character LCD display combines to form man-machine dialogue operation.
Maximum allowable current: 2A
Maximum withstand voltage: 500V DC
Insulating property: 500M ohm
Working temperature: -10C Celcius ~ +50C Celcius
Weight: 7kg (60 channels)/ 7.5kg (120 channels)
Volume: 305*200*202mm (60 channels)/ 324*200*245mm (120 channels)

System Composition

One DZD-6A multi-functional DC resistivity instrument as the survey & control unit in the system, equipped with DUK-2A type 60 channels or 120 channels multiplex electrode converter, cables, electrodes and other related accessories, together to form the High-accuracy multi-electrode resistivity detecting system .

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