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Changzhou Bowang Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • Target Markets: Such as the automobile, electronic device, communication industry and etc where needs the connection of the electronic wires and cable
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established date: 2002
BW-2TP+N Full automatic wire terminal crimping machine

BW-2TP+N Full automatic wire terminal crimping machine

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Product Features

Product features:
1. Wide application range: it is mainly used for crimping PH,XH,EH,ZH and other color wires communication terminals, SCN, SM,VH, Dupont and other terminals for stripping connector.
Cost saving: pre-feeding in the front section and different wire comes from the rear section. The whole procedure is full automatic.
2. Good working stability: the crimping structure is made of eccentric gear and cam, so the crimping pressure is even that the processed terminals are tide, and its quality is very stable. The operation of the machine is stable and high in efficient.
3. High precision: it uses the stepping motor to control the wire cutting, stripping length, and the precision could reach to 0.1mm.
Precise position: it uses the imported servo motor to control the move of the wire, which is precise in crimping the terminals, and ensure the conductivity of the wires.
4. Various type of terminal crimping: it uses the steering structure. It can change the crimping direction for the terminals at the two ends. .
5. Full automatic: full automatic production to save the labor cost. The procedures of pre-feeding, cutting, stripping, terminals crimping are full automatic.
Less area occupy: each machine occupies less than 2.5m2, sometimes it saves the rent of the factory.
6. High efficiency:production capacity: 18000PCS/H(MAX), the machine can be operated continuously for 24hours.
7. Easy adjustment: the crew just needs simple training and then is able to operate several machines at the same time.
8. Easy operation: it uses touching screen, the parameters setting and operation are easy to grasp.

 Technical parameters:

1.Applicable wire: all kinds of wire

2.The max.P wire row: 20 P

3.The max.Width wire displacement: 28 mm

4.The width range of the single wire: 0.8-2.5mm

5.Cutting length: 72-9999mm

6.Cutting precision: ±0.5mm

7.Stripping length on the two ends: 2-10mm

8.Working capacity: 18000 PCS/H (20P wire rows)

9.Function: single terminal crimping, dual terminals crimping, interval crimping, front and rear crimping.

10.Die: changeable

11.Working pressure: 0.4-0.6 mpa, the air source should be filtered and dried.

12.Voltage: 220V 50Hz

13.Rated current: 15A

14.Power: 3300W

15.Outer dimension: 1.85m x 0.76m x 1.83m

16.Weight: 527 kg

17.Occupied area: 2 x 2.5m

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