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HECF6015ISII-500/1000  Double drive fiber laser cutting machine

HECF6015ISII-500/1000 Double drive fiber laser cutting machine

Business Information

  • Price : $30000 USD
  • Min. Order : 1
  • Certificate : CE,ISO
  • FOB Port : shanghai
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : wooden package
  • Supply Capability : >50 per month
  • Delivery Time : 30

Product Features

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
1.CNC Fiber 500W /1000W laser
2.Cut metal 0.2---8mm
3.Max cut speed 15m/min
4.Cut area 6000mm*1500mm

CNC Fiber 500W/1000w  Metal Laser Cutting Machine HECF6015ISII-500/1000


HECF6015ISII-500/1000 Fiber cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine adopts the most sophisticated Germany IPG laser, combining Gantry CNC machine designed by our company and high strength welding body, after high temperature annealing and precision machining by large CNC milling machine.It has good rigidity and stability with precision ball screws, linear guide drive run. It is mainly for cutting sheet metal below 4mm in high speed and high precision. Fiber laser has a series of advantages, such as high beam quality, high brightness, high conversion rates, maintenance-free, stable and reliable operation of low cost and small size, etc. Air-assisted cutting is the most advanced level of laser cutting, which is particularly suitable for stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, titanium and other metal materials' precision cutting.It is widely used in metal products, hardware, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplate, electronics, toys, advertising and other industries.


Technical Parameter



Laser medium

Semiconductor pumped continous yb-doped fiber      

Max cutting range


Max cutting speed

24m/min (up to the materials)

Cooling way

Air cooling

Laser wave length


Laser output power


Laser input power


Min line width


Cutting depth

0.2---8mm (up to the materials)

Driving way

Imported servo motor

Power Requirements


Environment Temperature

5—35 °C

Continous working time

24 hours

Weight of the Machine

6000 kg

Outline size (length*width*height)     



HECF6015ISII-500/1000  Adopt new generation semiconductor pumped continous yb-doped fiber laser machine


HECF6015ISII-500/1000 Laser cutting machine integrates optical, mechanism and electricity into one. It uses laser technology, computer numerical control technology and high-performance laser power system to process a variety of sheet metal quickly and efficiently.


The active medium of fiber laser scattered within the fiber itself, which is now recognized as the best focusing performance among all laser types. It is with high efficiency, high precision, high conversion efficiency and so on. The cutting size of HECF6015ISII-500/1000  fiber laser cutting machine is 6000mm x 1500mm. It processes quickly with smooth edge, small slit, and the small thermal effect, which is particularly suitable for sheet metal processing. IPGYLR-SM Series lasers is the generation of near infrared spectral range (1060~1080nm) of the diode-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber laser system.  It has the following characteristics:  high power, ideal beam quality, fiber optic transmission and high conversion efficiency, long life of the pump source, etc.


Main characters:

Electro-optical conversion efficiency >25%

Light beam quality tem00 ≤ 0.373 mrad

Air cooling

Lifetime of the pump source is over 100000hours.

Maintenance-free operation

Fiber transmission


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