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Xian Taima professionally supply E-Liquid

Xian Taima professionally supply E-Liquid

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  • Xian Taima professionally supply E-Liquid

Product Features

We are suppliers of the World's finest Smoke Flavors, Nicotine and E-juice.
1--All material from natural, nicotine from tobacco leaf extract, smoke flavors from plant extract.
2--Have a first-class Perfumers
3--Our Nicotine is 99.999percent pure. As to USP grade.
4--Smoke Flavors nearly 400 kinds.
5--Provide all suggest for DIY E-juice.
Good service and best quality for health life, we are please and honored to share that with you.

usp99.8% pure nicotine information
Name:99.8%Pure Nicotine,998mg/ml pure nicotine
Extract part: natural tobacco leaf
Appearance :colorless to shallow yellow oily liquid
HS :293999100
Specification:99.8%,99.9% pure nicotine

99.8%pure nicotine usage:
1) Quit smoke products E-cigarette Liquid, Nicotine Gum ,Nicotine
Patches, nicotine for e juice, nicotine content from 12mg/ml to 300mg/ml.Quit-smoking product, just like e-liquid or e-juice to refill the e-cigarette; or making nicotine gum /patch, nicotine tablets and so on

2) Natural Bio-pesticide, No residual

nicotine Storage:
Nitrogen protection, airtight, keep away from light, low temperature.

Thanks and hope a business cooperation with you.
Contact: Messi
Email: nicotinetop5@163.com
Mobile/WhatsAPP: +86-13279353867
Skype: messiyao
Facebook:Messi Yao

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